Polymicrogyria, a big name with even BIGGER consequences!

  • So, what is Polymicrogyria anyway?

    Polymicrogyria- let’s break this big word down into it’s basic parts. “Poly” means many, “micro” means very small, and “gyria” is the medical term for the wrinkles in the brain. So we have “many very small wrinkles in the brain”. During the baby’s development in the uterus the nerve cells...

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  • About PMG Awareness Organization

    If you are reading this page, chances are a member of your family, a friend, or someone you care about has been touched by this disease. First of all, let us say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are COMMITTED to bringing awareness of Polymicrogyria (PMG) and to offer support,...

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  • Our Mission

    The PMG Awareness Organization is an international non-profit organization of families, caregivers, and medical professionals who care about those with Polymicrogyria. Our mission is to promote awareness, diagnosis, and the treatment of Polymicrogyria through education, research, advocacy, and support for individuals with Polymicrogyria, their families, and other concerned parties....

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