Our Founders

Catrina Byrge, Brandy, and Mel co-founded our organization. Catrina has over 23 years of nursing experience. She is the grandmother to Brie, who was diagnosed with Polymicrogyria at 3 weeks of age. Since that time, she has sought to find out more information about PMG and the appalling lack of information and support brought her to the realization that this organization was greatly needed. She has a lot of experience working for nonprofit organizations and feels a great sense of dedication to the PMG Awareness Organization’s mission: to promote awareness, diagnosis, and the treatment of Polymicrogyria through education, research, advocacy, and support for individuals with Polymicrogyria, their families, and other concerned parties.


Brandy L. Davis is our Vice President, Treasurer, and one of the co-founders of PMGA. She is the Finance Coordinator for the NE Florida area of a major national nonprofit organization for children. She is also the mother of Brie, diagnosed with Polymicrogyria shortly after she was born. Brandy has a true heart for helping children and actively volunteers for several charitable children’s events. Brandy has a strong desire to bring about awareness of PMG and to help other families who are struggling with PMG issues.


Melanie “Mel” Rush is a co-founder of PMGA. Mel is a teacher and has a very special place in her heart for children. She is the mother of Luke who was diagnosed with Polymicrogyria while she was still pregnant (extremely rare) due to baby Luke’s enlarging skull on ultrasounds. Mel’s experience with PMG is different than most other families because she knew and had some resources available to her and Luke at birth. However, even with that knowledge, she soon found that it was only a drop in the bucket. There was so little information available, even having the diagnosis available to her. There was basically no information to be found, even on the internet. And even what she could find, was mostly technical medical papers. It is Mel’s greatest wish that when someone else tries to find answers, that the PMG Awareness Organization, Inc., will be here to help them find the information and resources they need.