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  • Christmas Family Fundraiser

    With our extended family, this year we decided to change from a game for gift giving in which everyone would bring gifts to choose from when they won the game round, to a fundraiser for charity. We kept one tradition from the old game and that was a travelling reindeer. This plastic reindeer was originally made Continue Reading

  • TruSpeed

    As I sit here on the couch, I hear the voice of Sean’s ABA therapist and the sounds of Sean’s giggles and squeals coming through the monitor from Sean’s room. I think about how blessed I am to have so many people who care enough to dedicate so much of their time to my son’s Continue Reading

  • When I woke this morning, the first thing I thought…

    When I woke this morning, the first thing I thought about was Mother’s Day.  As I was still laying in my bed contemplating what the day meant to me, I was struck by the awe of the mothers that I have come to know in the past 10 months.  You see, I am not just Continue Reading