We are truly humbled and appreciative of the overwhelming support and desire to help make this organization successful. Please take a moment to check out the opportunities we currently have for assistance to the Organization. Also, if you have suggestions or an area that you feel would be beneficial to the Organization, then please let us know. We take our slogan, “Working TOGETHER to unlock the mysteries of PMG”, very seriously. We know we cannot make nearly the impact we hope to make for all of those affected by PMG without your help and support.With Utmost Appreciation,
Your Board of Directors


We currently have the following areas of need for the Organization. If you feel you can assist us in helping us to meet these needs, then please CONTACT US. Please note that these are all VOLUNTEER positions at this time.

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and other Rehabilitation Specialists to assist with helping to get education about PMG to therapy providers (We truly feel they are probably among the first to see those who have not yet been diagnosed)

Physicians, ARNPs, or Physician’s Assistants

Nonprofit Business Legal Advisor

Nonprofit Accounting and Guidance

Nonprofit Mentors

501(c)3 Sponsor and Mentors

Financial Sponsors

Fundraising Support

Marketing and Networking Support, particularly to help us with building relationships with other related nonprofit organizations

Social Media Liaisons Do you LOVE FaceBook, Twitter,Yahoo, Google+  and other social media? If so, we would love for you to work with us to get the Organization out to everyone.

Links for Resources-If you know of some website, product, health care provider, or anything else you think would be of benefit to other people interested in PMG, PLEASE send us a link or an email! Gathering information in ONE place is essential to the our success

Volunteer Coordinator– to work with volunteers nationwide-organizing, responding to requests from potential volunteers, tracking hours volunteered, and recognizing them for their contributions. Experience preferred.

Every day PMG people, who want to spread the word! SOON we will have a link to a flier about PMG that you can print and take with you to therapists, doctor’s, pretty much anyone who will listen! Stay tuned for more details and a LINK for this important document.

And MOST importantly, for YOU to spread the word to everyone you know! Please include us on your blogs/sites/pages and add a LINK to our page on yours. Word of mouth (OR “mouse”) is the best advertising that money can’t buy!

​Any other thoughts you have that might help our Organization, are more than welcome and enthusiastically encouraged!