Fueled By Love 5k Virtual Run/Walk Event


Sunday October 21st concluded this years Fueled by Love Virtual Race and our hearts are so full and we cannot thank each person who participated enough! Your contributions will help fund the 2020 PMG Awareness Convention held in California, giving the opportunity of PMG kids and their families the ability to connect with each other who may otherwise not ever have that chance.

Below are the results of this year’s event:

209 Total Registrants = $5,225.00

Shirt Sales = $1,170.00

Team Donations = $12,005.00

Grand Total = $18,400.00!!

After website fees for the race, 100% of the remaining $18,164.00 will go towards our 2020 Convention!

A special shout-out to our fundraising teams and their donors who helped bring in the majority!

Below is a list of those who surpassed their goals and a list of those who came very close.

Team                                      Goal                                      Collected

Ella Benton                         $1,000.00                          $1,210.00
Adelyn Hope                     $200.00                               $1,775.00
Puddin                                  $1,000.00                           $1,050.00
Qwenlynn                           $2,500.00                           $2,835.00
Sean Hudson                     $1,000.00                           $1,320.00
Wasley                                  $500.00                               $585.00

Justin Gagnon                   $1,000.00                         $800.00
The Vicki                              $2,000.00                         $1,325.00
Hammac                              $200.00                              $180.00
Marlowe                              $1,000.00                          $705.00

Thank you all for your hard work in creating and sharing your team fundraisers with your family and friends!

We look forward to our Virtual Race in 2019.  Dates coming soon!

Thank you all for your participation!

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