A New Chapter Begins

As So a New Chapter Begins…

Today we received our very FIRST donation to PMG Awareness FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF PROMOTING RESEARCH FOR PMG! This is so exciting and so close to our dreams for our kids and their family and loved ones.

Research holds HOPE and promise that one day we WILL have answers and hopefully a CURE!

And it started with ONE WOMAN who’s life was touched by one of our babies who is now a sweet little angel. She isn’t a family member and she didn’t even know his family. She just came into their lives to do a photo shoot. And just like that, one woman and one baby came together to start a NEW DAWN of research and hope for our families.

Jack was taken from here way too soon, but I know that they are rejoicing in Heaven that baby Jack’s life brought about the first of an entire fund set aside for research.

Bless YOU for stepping up and making a difference in all of our lives~ The PMG Awareness family