Christmas Family Fundraiser

Phil Pearson is the winner of the raffle.

With our extended family, this year we decided to change from a game for gift giving in which everyone would bring gifts to choose from when they won the game round, to a fundraiser for charity. We kept one tradition from the old game and that was a travelling reindeer. This plastic reindeer was originally made for attaching to a roof along with other reindeer and Santa. In the old game, the idea was that the person choosing the gift, must take the attached reindeer as well and return it the following year attached to another gift for the game.

For our new tradition the bearer of the reindeer must bring a gift to be raffled off and the proceeds go to their charity of choice. They must also attach the reindeer to it.

For our first year with this new tradition I was the holder of the reindeer from last year, and my gift to go up for raffle is a picture that I took and framed.

This new tradition went over very well! And with our generous family, $355.00 was raised. Of course my charity of choice is the PMG Awareness Organization.

Randy Lane