Billy Footwear®

Many of our families struggle with finding the right shoe to fit with AFO’s, or finding a shoe that allows our kids with fine motor issues to become independent with putting on their own shoes. Well, Look no further! With many of our families already familiar with the brand, BILLY footwear is here to help!

The PMG Awareness Organization is proud to announce it’s partnership with BILLY Footwear! By using the affiliate link below, our PMGA families and supporters can not only receive a 10% discount on any purchases made with BILLY Footwear, but can enjoy knowing that BILLY Footwear also donates a percentage of the purchase back to The PMG Awareness Organization! The coupon code for the 10% discount is PMGA___10 (that is 3 underscores).

The shoes themselves, are amazing! The zipper technology around the outside and front of the shoe makes putting on and taking off the shoe quick, and easy! BILLY Footwear also allows for it’s customers to purchase different size shoes as needed, thus keeping muscle dexterity, as well as AFO’s and braces from being an issue! We encourage you to use our link to purchase the amazing products from BILLY Footwear, and take the time to watch the video below to hear from Billy himself! It feels great to say, The PMG Awareness Organization has made a partner with BILLY Footwear, and a friendship with Billy Price!

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