WEP Clinical

WEP Clinical is a clinical services company which sets up and manages Expanded Access Programs (EAP’s) on behalf of sponsors. These programs, also known as Compassionate Use Programs, distribute potentially life-saving treatments to where there is an unmet medical need. These are treatments that patients cannot access through traditional routes, either because they are not yet licensed or approved anywhere in the world, or because they are not yet licensed or approved in their home countries.

At WEP Clinical, we want to help make a difference by using our knowledge and experience in, regards to providing EAP’s, in order to help support the efforts of the PMG Awareness Organization. We believe that we can assist with its mission by helping to provide the best standard of care and support for its individuals and families who are affected by Polymicrogyria.

WEP Clinical Provides:

To learn more about EAP’s please visit http://www.wepclinical.com/expanded-access-programs/

For more information on WEP Clinical, please visit http://www.wepclinical.com/

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can support the individual or family members, please contact ykhera@wepclinical.com