PMGA United 2020 Speakers

Mike Porath, Founder and CEO of The Mighty

Mike got his start in journalism at ABC News, where he was the network’s first overseas digital reporter and was awarded the Society of Professional Journalist’s top honor for his reporting in Kosovo.  He has held a variety of writing, editing, producing and executive roles at big media companies like ABC News, NBC News, The New York Times and AOL as well as startups like SpinMedia and Z Lifestyle.  Mike is also on the board of directors and fundraising chair of the Dup15q Alliance, a nonprofit organization that supports people with Dup15q syndrome like his daughter.


Eileen Devine, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Therapist

Eileen has over a dozen years of clinical experience and is the adoptive mother of a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  She believes that kids do well if they can and that when we understand the way a child’s brain works, we then understand the meaning behind challenging behaviors.  Eileen’s goal is to support parents in feeling more competent and confident in connecting with their child by parenting from a brain-based perspective.  When this shift happens, both parent and child experience less frustration and more success in their relationship.


Natalie Roberts Mazzeo, Founder of Miracle Mama

Natalie is a passionate writer, speaker, coach and advocate for families raising children with additional needs.  She is on a mission to create conscious change for women, their families and the world and enjoys helping children reach their full potential by making the most of this precious and fragile life.


Dr. Gyayda Mirzaa, Pediatrician, Clinical Geneticist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Researcher at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Dr. Mirzaa is a pediatrician and researcher who has dedicated her career to helping children and families with developmental brain disorders.  As a pediatrician, she delivers the best available treatments, and helps children and families lead the healthiest lives possible.  As a researcher, she investigates how genes contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders.


Amanda Deveraux, Program Director, National CMV Foundation, PMG/CMV Mother and Advocate

Amanda graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2007. She has worked in public health for 10 years, most recently focusing on maternal child health. Currently, she works as the Program Director for the National CMV Foundation. Amanda’s daughter, Pippa, was diagnosed with PMG at 6 months old because of congenital CMV. Amanda became passionate about eliminating cCMV when her daughter was born affected by the virus in 2015. In 2017, Amanda and her family successfully lobbied for CMV awareness and screening legislation in Iowa. Amanda lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband, Paul, and 2 children, Atticus and Pippa.


Samantha Issacs, National CMV Foundation, PMG/CMV Mother and Advocate

Samantha Isaacs lives in north Florida with her husband, 3 daughters, and her son, Hank. She was introduced to Polymicrogyria and congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) when Hank was diagnosed in October 2015.
 Since that time, Samantha has made it her mission to advocate for CMV awareness and education. She has been invited to several events to speak one-on-one with educators, lawmakers, physicians, and parents about CMV. Currently, Samantha is working with the National CMV Foundation to help carve out legislation requiring education to expectant mothers in Florida. Samantha is also an avid writer on her website, Sunshine and Shattered Dreams, and manages a Facebook page, Team HankStrong, that follows her life with Hank and serves as a platform for CMV education.

Andrea Stambaugh, Vice President of IL Hands & Voices, PMG/CMV Mother and Advocate

Andrea Stambaugh became vested in CMV awareness and advocacy when her son, Axel, was born with congenital CMV in June of 2016. Since receiving Axel’s congenital CMV diagnosis Andrea has become the Vice President of the Board of Directors for IL Hands & Voices, a parent guide with IL Guide By Your Side, an active member on the patient education and outreach committee for the National CMV Foundation, manages the CMV Parent Database, serving on the parent planning committee for the 2018 CMV Public Health and Policy Conference, hosted a CMV Awareness fundraiser in her hometown that raised money for the NCMVF, and a parent liaison volunteer for Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Andrea presented on CMV multiple times in various places across the country both in person and during webinars. Some of the most recent being at the Hands & Voices Leadership Conference and at the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference.  Andrea also has had several articles on CMV published, and she also keeps a blog called, Axel’s Journey With CMV, on Facebook.