Tom Haacker & Team PMG Awareness

Tom Haacker has been PMGA’s biggest supporter ever since we opened our doors in February of 2012!  Tom and his team have taken an expensive sport that most of them do for the fun and thrill of it all and turned it around into something so special and meaningful for our children and families.  The  guys that make up Team PMG Awareness are one in a million!  Never will you find a better group of guys who truly have a special place in their hearts for our PMG kiddos.  They have joined forces with PMGA to help raise awareness for the disorder because they feel our kids are worthy of the best quality of life that they can get.

Because of the love Tom and his team have for our kids and their determination to help PMGA make a difference in their lives, they dedicate their car to us and graciously added our logo to the roof of the car.  It quickly filled up with all the names of the children and has been such a highlight and centerpiece of our organization.