Traveling Awareness Bear

(In light of the current health advisories, this program is currently on hiatus)

Would your child like a visit from a PMG Awareness Bear?  Our PMG Awareness Bears travel all over the United States spreading awareness for PMG as well as providing love, encouragement, hope and a sense of belonging to children who are diagnosed with Polymicrogyria.

The PMG Awareness Bear will arrive at your door ready to greet your child with a hug!  It will have a passport and journal with it so that you may document its journey with your child and family.  Feel free to take it everywhere!  The Bear loves to attend doctors appointments, therapy sessions, special occasions and even school! Hopefully, it will gain lots of attention and you and your child will have numerous opportunities to share with others what Polymicrogyria is and how it affects your child as well as others who share the diagnosis.  After your visit is over, you will pack it up and send him to the next family for a whole new adventure!

The PMG Awareness Bear is intended to be your child’s companion, confidant, and best friend for the week while it is visiting your home and we hope that it will bring joy and happiness, lots of smiles and laughter, and an overall knowledge that your child is important, special  and most of all LOVED!