“Shake Your Boo-ty for Polymicrogyria” 5k Run/Walk Event



Join us for our 4nd Annual Virtual 5K Run/Walk Event! The event will take place over a three week period, October 19th, 2019 through November 3rd, 2019. Participation has never been easier and you will be benefiting a much needed cause while helping us raise awareness for Polymicrogyria(PMG)!  100% of the net proceeds will go directly to PMG Awareness Organization (PMGA) to continue fulfilling its mission by supporting the children and families who are affected by Polymicrogyria.  More specifically, this years proceeds will allow us to host our 3rd PMGA United Family Convention in Costa Mesa, California in July of 2020!  This event will bring families together, allowing them to meet and connect while learning valuable information pertaining to Polymicrogyria.

What is a Virtual 5K Run/Walk Event?

A Virtual 5K Run/Walk Event is an event that can be accomplished by running, walking, cycling, skating, etc., ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! This is an event that can can be done on a treadmill at home or at the gym, at the beach, with friends or alone, in the evening or at the break of dawn…it’s your choice! Complete the distance (3.1 miles) all at once or break it up into small increments throughout the two weeks. You have the flexibility and convenience of choosing when and where you would like to accomplish the distance, as long as it is completed within the time frame listed above.

Can I create a team in honor of my own child who is affected by Polymicrogyria?

YES! It is greatly encouraged to create a team in honor of your child! Not only does it make this event much more personal and meaningful to the individual family, it also encourages friends and family to rally behind you and show their support. Setting up a team for your child can be done during the registration process (see below for explanation on how to set up a fundraiser through https://runsignup.com/) Before creating a team, one person in your party will have to first create a fundraiser so that your team will be able to generate support through registrations and donations. Once your team is created, feel free to share it with everyone you know and ask them to join. They will then be able to register for the event and join your team or show their support by donating directly to your team. There will be prizes given at the end of the event for the team that generates the most donations!

How do you register for the “Shake Your Boo-ty For Polymicrogyria” Virtual 5k Run/Walk Event and what is the cost?

Registration can be done by clicking Shake Your Boo-ty for Polymicrogyria or go to runsignup.com and type “Shake Your Boo-ty for Polymicrogyria” in the search engine, then scroll down to click on our event.   Registration is $32.00 per person.

Can I purchase additional “Shake Your Boo-ty For Polymicrogyria” event t-shirts after I have registered and what is the cost?

No. Each registrant will receive an event t-shirt with the cost of their registration. If you would like an additional shirt for someone else, you must register them for the event.

What if I am physically unable to participate in the event, but would like to contribute in some way?

That’s okay! We would still love for you to participate! You can simply register for the event and you will still receive an event t-shirt and medal in the mail. Feel free to make donations to the organization or to a specific team and post pictures on our event Facebook page showing your support!

Can I host my own “Shake Your Boo-ty For Polymicrogyria” 5k Virtual Run/Walk Event in my local area?

YES! We highly encourage everyone to come together for this event! Find local PMG families in your area or join another event that someone else is hosting and GET CONNECTED! Feel free to meet in a park, have a BBQ, spend time with other PMG families and their children, and complete the 5K together! Get creative! Make signs, wear your event t-shirts and/or costumes etc. Other venue ideas for hosting an event would be local churches, schools, beaches etc. (Please make sure to check with the venues because some require that you send in applications to use their sites).

PMGA would like to encourage everyone to make their event special and unique! The whole idea is to connect with other families and raise awareness about Polymicrogyria!! If anyone needs help locating families in their areas or if you want to know if there is any other families holding an event in your area,  please contact Robin at robin@pmgawareness.org or Marissa at marissa@pmgawareness.org   and we will do our best to get you connected as soon as possible!

How do I sign up as a TEAM FUNDRAISER through RunSignUp.com to generate donations for my team?

This process is very simple, however there are two places to sign up to create a Team Fundraiser so please follow all steps below:

1. Enter the registrants personal information and chose your t-shirt size and color

2. Next you will be taken to the “Donate” page where you will click on the “Become a Fundraiser” bar.  (You will then have the option to customize your fundraiser page by adding your fundraising goal, leave or change your fundraisers name, add a tagline, create your very own and unique URL, add an image and a personalized message which will display for all your friends and family to read.)

3. Once that process is complete, you will have the option to create a “Team Fundraiser” which will allow individuals to not only donate in honor of your personal fundraiser but also to register under your team. (Note: The “Become a Fundraiser” and “Team Fundraiser” will appear to be asking duplicate questions, your “Become a Fundraiser Name” will need to be different from your “Team Name.”)

When all the above steps are completed, you will have two different URL’s, the first one is strictly for donations to your fundraiser, while the second one (Fundraising Team) is for both registrations and donations.  It is our suggestion that you only share the second one you created under the “Team Fundraiser so your family and friends are given the option to register and/or donate. Maybe to make it less confusing, when creating your unique team fundraising URL, add the word “Team” in addition to your personalized name to that URL to help identify which link to share.

If you run into any snags, please feel free to reach out to us.

Am I eligible for any prizes?

PMGA will be giving away 3 prizes this year to the Team (individual that set up the team) that raises the most donations through “Become a Fundraiser” feature in RunSignUp.com.  Prizes are as follows:

1st Place – $500.00 credit towards the families stay at the 2020 PMG United Family Convention in California OR a $500.00 Visa Gift Card.

2nd Place – $250.00 credit towards the families stay at the 2020 PMGA United Family Convention in California OR a $250.00 Visa Gift Card.

3rd Place – $100.00 credit towards the families stay at the 2020 PMGA United Family Convention in California OR a $100.00 Visa Gift Card.

There will also be random prizes given out to individuals for posting event photos on the PMGA Facebook GROUP and/or the PMGA Facebook Business Page (prizes to be determined).  So don’t forget to post your photos of yourself or your team completing the event!

PMGA thanks each and everyone of you for your participation and willingness to make this a huge and successful event! If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!  TOGETHER we WILL Unlock the Mysteries of Polymicrogyria!

Important Dates to Remember

You must register for the event by September 18th, 2019 in order to ensure your medal and t-shirt will ship out to you on October 9th, 2019. It is our hope that all merchandise will get to you in time for the start of the event on October 19th, but due to different locations and shipping times, it cannot be promised.  Those who register on or after September 19th, 2019 will receive their merchandise AFTER the event has ended.