Board of Directors

Natalie Fregoso

Natalie Fregoso is our President/CEO. She began serving on the board in 2014 as Secretary. She is a Legal Assistant for an estate planning law firm, wife and mother of two. Natalie could tell there was cause for concern for her youngest daughter, Gabrielle, when she was only four months of age. The family doctor wasn’t as concerned, but never doubt a mother’s intuition. Natalie kept voicing her concerns and was finally referred to a neurologist. The attentive neurologist immediately agreed with her concerns, did an MRI and Gabrielle was diagnosed with Bilateral Diffused Polymicrogyria in February of 2014. Gabrielle symptoms from the PMG are tonic clonic seizures, cerebral palsy, severe developmental delays, microcephaly, solely G-tube fed and non-verbal. The family is very involved in their church and trust that standing together, and in prayer, we will unlock the mysteries of PMG.

Danielle Peacock

Danielle Peacock is our Chief Financial Officer. She previously volunteered as the Family Support Specialist and served on the board as the Director of Public Relations. She is the proud mother of two living children and one no longer with us. Her youngest, Luke, began missing milestones as early as six months old. While most believed that he would catch up to his peers in time, Danielle’s concerns remained. Luke was diagnosed with polymicrogyria at 16 months old after a MRI. With the assistance of a helpful doctor, Danielle found the PMG Awareness Organization shortly after. Immediately, she found the connection and community that she was searching for. The lack of awareness and knowledge surrounding polymicrogyria, even when it came to medical professionals, inspired Danielle to get involved with the organization. Her mission is to make polymicrogyria a household name so no family feels lost upon diagnosis. She knows that invaluable wisdom comes from others that have traveled the same journey and that when it comes to polymicrogyria, none of us walk (or roll) alone.

Heather Emory

Heather Emory

Heather Emory is our Secretary and the proud mother of Colin. Colin was diagnosed with MPPH Syndrome at the age of two. When Colin was born, doctors were very much concerned about the size of his head and the continued growth of it over his first year. Colin began having episodes (that were later determined to be seizures) when he was about six or so months old. He wasn’t hitting some of his developmental milestones by the time he was a year old but had no diagnosis otherwise. His head continued to grow and baffled, their Doctor recommended genetic testing. In January of 2016, it was determined that Colin has MPPH syndrome. Further review of his MRI’s revealed the presence of Polymicrogyria.

Heather is passionate about rare disease awareness and advocacy. She looks forward to connecting families to each other and to the supports they need to help make their journey successful. She is a firm believer in the mission of the organization. Together we will unlock the mysteries of PMG!

Heather joins PMGA with over 15 years of experience in non-profit disability service provider agencies; working in Human Resources and Quality Improvement/Analytics. She is a volunteer Support Parent and Education Advocate for Parent to Parent of New York State. Heather studied Sociology and Business Administration at SUNY College and holds a Bachelor of Arts.